NeVo participated in the SMT Info seminar

Kateřina Navláčilová from NeVo attended the SMT Info seminar where she presented new trends in soldering. The topic of the presentation from Watson Tseng (Shenmao Technology Inc.) was Thermal Fatigue Resistance Lead-free Solder Paste. This very interesting presentation was focused on the PF918-P250 alloy designed for higher thermal stability.

Shenmao PF918-250 SAC alloy with Sn/Ag4.0/Bi3.0 composition have increased thermal stability properties, better mechanical shock reliability and very similar melting temperature range (~220°C). PF918 alloy is also available in BGA balls form.

Shenmao R&D department has shown through extensive testing that compared to conventional SAC alloy, the PF918 BGA solder balls have ⅓ more cycles to first fail during thermal cycling test. This great result is achieved thanks to an inhibition mechanism during crack propagation.

Mechanical shock tests for these BGA balls showed that PF918 has comparable results to Sn/Ag3.0/Cu0.5.

When we focus on solder paste with this specific composition PF918 Sn/Ag4.0/BiX with very good printing properties, the thermal cycling test results are comparable, but mechanical shock tests are even much better. The paste was also examined in terms of SIR and the probability of voids presence. SIR test based on IPC-TM-650 standard showed very good results.

Wide void testing proved, that void presence is lower comparable to SAC305 on air and also with using N2 (O2 < 3000 ppm) heating ambient.

Big advantage is that PF918 has a melting temperature range comparable to SAC alloys, so it’s not necessary to change temperature reflow profiles. In many cases it is even possible to use the ones currently in use.

PF918-P250 alloy has no significant environmental impact (Sn, Ag, Bi), complies with RoHS & RoHS 2.0, compiles with REACH. No used compounds are listed in SVHC.


NeVo at the fair Productronica 2021

We are taking part in this year’s Productronica 2021 trade fair in Munich, from the 16th-19th November, we will be very happy to meet you.
At the fair, we will introduce you to our entire portfolio of services and products, we are ready and look forward to all your questions.

Come and join us for coffee.
We look forward to seeing you in hall A4, stand 311.

If you need a free ticket, contact us.
The NeVo team.



New Joint Enhanced Solder Paste and Solder Joint Encapsulation Material Flux from NeVo

NeVo GmbH is pleased to introduce its new Joint Enhanced Solder Paste (JEP) PF606-EP305 and Solder Joint Encapsulation Material (SJEM) Flux SMEF-Z52. The new epoxy-based solder materials for very fine pad size (70 μm) soldering, especially for advanced display packaging and assembly.

The new SJEM Flux combines the abilities of conventional flux and underfill. The epoxy cures after reflow and provides excellent bonding strength and joint protection. Joint reliability performance is elevated as well. 

NeVo offers halogen-free JEP/SJEM materials. Halogen can generate hazardous gas at high temperatures and its use is restricted. NeVo halogen-free JEP/SJEM materials meet J-STD standard (≦1000ppm Chlorine/ ≦ 1000ppm Bromine) and IEC standard (≦900ppm Chlorine/ ≦ 900ppm Bromine/ ≦ 1500ppm Total halogens).

Influence of Electric Current at Solidification of Solder

Influence of Electric Current at Solidification of Solder

Does the electric current have any effect on the solder during solidification?
Our solders were used for further research. This time it was about the Influence of Electric Current at Solidification of Solder.
The Department of Microelectronics at the Technical University in Brno is still conducting research and we are glad that our soldering materials can contribute to their testing.

This work deals with the investigation of influence of electric current flow on the inner structure of solder alloy SAC305 during solidification. Methodology of this experiment was as follows:

  • Establishment of experimental melting station (Figure 1) constructed of quartz tube, resistance wire (heating element – Kanthal), electrodes (braze) and stage.
  • Verification of homogenous temperature distribution on quartz tube (Figure 2).
  • Melting of SAC305 solder alloy up to temperature 300 °C.
  • Solidification of solder WITH and WITHOUT electric current. The value of the electric current was 7.5 A. the final sample had the shape of a cylindrical ingot.
  • After the samples preparation, the metallographic cross-sections were done. Chemical wet etching was used for highlighting of the inner structure.
Figure 1: Experimental melting station with the possibility of the connection of electrical current flow
Figure 2: Infrared thermograph of temperature distribution on the experimental melting station

Prepared samples were analyzed by SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) and EDX (Energy Dispersive X-Ray). Results showed that the sample without connected electric current during solidification had regular arrangement of β Sn dendrites (Figure 3 – SEM). On the contrary, the sample with connected electric current during solidification showed greater disorder in β Sn dendrites grow (Figure 4 – SEM). Moreover, intermetallic parts from the braze electrodes were dispersed in the bulk solder of ingot in comparison to the sample without connected electric current (Figure 4 – EDX) where the intermetallic parts were observed only at the bottom side. These results are preliminary for the further research of this phenomenon.

Figure 3: Sample without electric current during solidification – SEM photo (left) and EDX photo (right)
Figure 4: Sample with electric current during solidification – SEM photo (left) and EDX photo (right)

The full paper is available at the link:

We thank the team from the University of Brno and look forward to further interesting tests of our soldering materials.

Influence of heat flow direction on solder ball interfacial layer

Influence of heat flow direction on solder ball interfacial layer

We always try to support the development and technical studies of universities. Now, as a supplier of solder balls and solder flux, we have joined the project: Influence of heat flow direction on solder ball interfacial layer.

During the soldering process, a large number of factors influence the quality of the solder joint. If we focus on the intermetallic layer and the intermetallic compounds for the SAC305 soldering alloy, some fundamental parameters influencing their formation and growth have been identified.

When supplying soldering materials, we often encounter testing of different proportions of impurities. We always try to help advise what ratio is ideal for a particular operation. Thanks to the fact that our production is in the Czech Republic, we can flexibly respond to the needs of our customers and supply soldering materials in a very short time.

The results of the solder-copper interface analysis showed different values in terms of the thickness of the intermetallic layer and its roughness. One of the basic parameters that could influence the test results was the soldering profile. For exact verification of the correct settings of the temperature profiles, a heating factor calculation was used to help optimize the soldering profile from the point of view of reliability control, repeatability, soldering process and quality of the resulting soldered joint.

More information can be found in the attached document, which relates to the work. Thank you for participating in this project.


productronica 2021

Productronica 2021

We look forward to seeing you at Productronica 2021

About productronica
productronica is the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production and is supported by the Productronics Association in the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) as a conceptual partner. It has taken place in Munich every two years since 1975 and is a core element of the electronics trade fair network of Munich International Trade Fair.

NeVo at Productronica 2019

Productronica 2019 – Thank you for your visit!

Productronica 2019 was another success for our company and we would like to thank you so much for stopping by.
We always welcome every opportunity to discuss production challenges with our customers.

If you did not visit our stand, please have a look at our award winning low temperature solder paste.


NeVo Amper 2018

Amper 2018 Exhibition

We presented our products at Amper 2018 in Brno.

In our stand, you could have seen the latest innovations in soldering materials.
Thanks to the fact that we can respond very quickly to the needs of our clients and we are a direct manufacturer of solder paste, we can offer high quality and always fresh solder paste and its distribution within EMEA.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth and we look forward to meeting you at Amper 2019.

NeVo ISO 14001:2015 certificate


NeVo confirms its commitment to a better environment by achieving ISO 14001 certification.

We have achieved the goal we have set. It has been confirmed that our services in the area of purchase, sale, and production of solder pastes meet all the requirements arising from ISO 14001:2015.

The certificates in German, English and Czech languages are available here.