SHENMAO Celebrates 50 Years of Developing Solder Materials

SHENMAO America, Inc. is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of solder materials. Recognized as an award-winning supplier in the fields of electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging, the company has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional service.

Leveraging years of research and development, SHENMAO has gained approval from numerous internationally renowned electronics manufacturers. This recognition has propelled SHENMAO’s products into a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics like motherboards, notebooks, and desktop PCs, to high-reliability electronics such as server boards, medical devices, military equipment, and low-orbit satellite communications.

Dr. Ken Lin, Director of SHENMAO’s Advanced Material Development Center, commented, “As electric vehicles continue to evolve, there is an increasing need for more durable solder materials that meet stringent reliability and process window requirements. Concurrently, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are pushing manufacturers to reduce carbon emissions. To address these challenges, we at SHENMAO are developing innovative soldering solutions that will keep us at the forefront of the industry for the next 50 years.”

In response to the rapidly evolving landscape of packaging technologies, SHENMAO is committed to innovating solder materials that meet current market demands. The company also actively collaborates with well-known EMS factories. Building on decades of experience in related processes and materials, SHENMAO established an independent testing laboratory, CHEETAH Inspection Inc., in 2020. CHEETAH has received ISO/IEC 17025 certification for its laboratory quality management system and specializes in testing and verifying the reliability and failure analysis of various products and processes.


San Lien Lee, Founder, Chairman & Kelvin Li, CEO

SHENMAO specializes in the production of a wide array of solder products to meet diverse industry needs. Our offerings include:

  • Water-Soluble and No-Clean Solder Paste
  • Laser Solder Paste
  • Solder Preforms
  • Cored Solder Wire
  • Wave Solder Bar Alloys
  • Wave Soldering Fluxes
  • Extremely Pure Solder Powder up to Type 8
  • BGA and Micro BGA Solder Spheres
  • Wafer Level Packaging Solder Paste and Fluxes
  • LED Die Attach Paste
  • High-Performance Liquid Fluxes
  • Solar Ribbon
  • Plating Anodes

These products are designed for use in various processes, including PCB fabrication, assembly, and semiconductor packaging.

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