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NeVo PF606-P30 Lead Free Solder Paste
PF606-P30 Lead-Free Solder Paste
Tin-Lead Solder Paste
SH-6309RMA Tin-Lead Solder Paste
NeVo PF606-R Lead Free Solder Wire
PF606-R Lead-Free Solder Wire

NeVo SH-62 Tin-Lead Solder Paste
SH-6209RMA Tin-Lead Solder Paste


  • Influence of heat flow direction on solder ball interfacial layer
    We always try to support the development and technical studies of universities. Now, as a supplier of solder balls and solder flux, we have joined the project: Influence of heat flow direction on solder ball interfacial layer. During the soldering process, a large number of factors influence the quality of […] Read more
  • The Quality of BGA Solder Joint with Underfill
    Brno, March 28th, Quality of NeVo SAC305 BGA solder joint with underfilled was studied by Brno University of Technology graduate student A.Otáhal. The research study, supported by NeVo, is investigating mechanical behavior (shear strength) of soldered BGA package with and without underfill on FR4 and Al2O3 carriers.BGA soldered on FR4 […] Read more

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  • Productronica 2021
    We look forward to seeing you at Productronica 2021 — About productronica productronica is the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production and is supported by the Productronics Association in the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) as a conceptual partner. It has taken place in Munich every two years since 1975 and is a […] Read more