NeVo Amper 2018

Amper 2018 Exhibition

We presented our products at Amper 2018 in Brno.

In our stand, you could have seen the latest innovations in soldering materials.
Thanks to the fact that we can respond very quickly to the needs of our clients and we are a direct manufacturer of solder paste, we can offer high quality and always fresh solder paste and its distribution within EMEA.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth and we look forward to meeting you at Amper 2019.

NeVo ISO 14001:2015 certificate


NeVo confirms its commitment to a better environment by achieving ISO 14001 certification.

We have achieved the goal we have set. It has been confirmed that our services in the area of purchase, sale, and production of solder pastes meet all the requirements arising from ISO 14001:2015.

The certificates in German, English and Czech languages are available here.

NeVo at Productronica 2017

Productronica 2017

Productronica 2017 is over.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at Productronica 2017.
We presented the entire portfolio of our products. You could have seen the quality and availability of solder pastessolder wires, and other of our products.

“We really appreciate everyone who stopped by. We answered many interesting questions and we have established several promising future partnerships” said Daniel Pospíšil, Director of NeVo GmbH.

Have you missed our booth and have any questions? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Příspěvek „The Quality of BGA Solder Joint with Underfill“ je chráněn heslem The Quality of BGA Solder Joint with Underfill

The Quality of BGA Solder Joint with Underfill

Brno, March 28th, Quality of NeVo SAC305 BGA solder joint with underfilled was studied by Brno University of Technology graduate student A.Otáhal.

The research study, supported by NeVo, is investigating mechanical behavior (shear strength) of soldered BGA package with and without underfill on FR4 and Al2O3 carriers.BGA soldered on FR4 (ENIG) had higher value of shear strength than BGA soldered on alumina substrate with conductive thick film layer. Results was used for validation of virtual model and simulation in ANSYS Workbench. This simulation will be used for prediction of thermomechanical behavior of BGA packages soldered on alumina substrates and on organic substrates FR4.

The full paper is available at the link here.

NeVo Solder

NeVo certified to ISO 9001:2015

NeVo confirms its high quality solder paste manufacturing standards by ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Solder paste and soldering products manufacturer and distributor NeVo® has made its Brno facility site certified by the latest ISO 9001:2015 standards.

“The successful qualification of NeVo company to the latest 2015 version of ISO 9001 standards is a confirmation of our key focus to deliver soldering products at the highest quality and technology level” said Daniel Pospisil, Technical Marketing Manager of NeVo.

The certificates in German, English and Czech languages are available here.

NeVo scores at solder paste vapour phase test

NeVo scores at solder paste vapour phase test

Solder paste and soldering products manufacturer and distributor NeVo® has achieved an „excellent“ scoring result of their lead-free solder paste product PF606-P30 at vapour phase assembly evaluation test performed by Exmore company.

The scoring included multiple parameter benchmarking evaluation including solderability, visual appearance and mechanical strength properties. The vapour phase technology is featuring high level safety for humans including low harmful inhalation risk.

The benchmarking was performed using the reference vapour phase liquid Galden LS230 with boiling point at 230 degrees Celsius.

“We are pleased with the achievement in this independent benchmarking test. Vapour phase assembly method is currently side of the mass volume assembly, but it may be important in some special applications. It is a high motivation for us to continue with our product development and services” said Daniel Pospisil, Technical Marketing Manager of NeVo.

NeVo Introduce New Low Viscosity Soldering Pastes

NeVo Introduce New Low Viscosity Soldering Pastes

NeVo is pleased to announce release of its new low viscosity solder pastes SnAg3.0Cu0.5 PF606-P214 and ultra low viscosity PF606-P214L.

The offer of lead-free, halide-free most favourite soldering paste PF606-P30 has been extended by its lower viscosity alternatives P214 and P214L.

” We react on customer feedback and needs for lower viscosity products, while maintaining excellent parameters of our standard P30 solder paste.” said Daniel Pospisil, NeVo Technical Manager

The new solder paste PF606-P214 is featuring low viscosity of 170Pa.s and the PF606-P214L even lower viscosity of 100Pa.s, while the standard PF606-P30 paste viscosity is 200Pa.s. PF606-P214L paste is also recommended for dispensing.


NeVo attracted SMT Fair Visitors

The NeVo® booth at the SMT Nuremberg (Apr 26-28,2016) reached a record level of interest from its end customers and distributors. The most attractive soldering products included special paste solutions for low temperature soldering, PoP and BGA spheres.

“We are pleased by such excellent interest and needs for our solder paste products. Our aim is to provide technical support and innovative solutions to the industry challenges, and the event was a great platform for such technical talks.” said Daniel Pospisil, NeVo’s technical marketing manager

“The measure of success is also our famous gray-silver “lead-free” coloured ice-cream served at the stand to passing-by fair visitors – It was used up just within two days.” add Daniel

Special Laser Soldering Paste Now Available

NeVo, the manufacturer and distributor of solder products is pleased to announce introduction of the new special solder paste type dedicated for laser soldering. The new solder paste PF606-P133H has been developed by Shenmao Technology and it is now available also on European market through distribution by its partner NeVo.

The PF606-P133H solder paste has been specifically designed for a selective laser soldering of miniature solder joints (sub 1.5mm), especially on the high cost, temperature sensitive components and PCBs.

Such small solder joints could not be specially formed during the reflow process and it had to be soldered manually until now. The new solder paste PF606-P133H enables formation of these sensitive solder joints by an automatic laser soldering process and thus it improves its reliability, process speed, variability & repeatability and reduce the overall costs. Just few seconds are sufficient, after solder deposition, to create uniform solder joint with minimum flux residues and no harmful effects such as spattering or solder beads spreading.

PF606-P133H is already qualified by leading electronic manufacturers worldwide.

For further information please get in touch with us at:

NeVo® Presentation Success at Amper

NeVo Presentation Success at Amper

The Amper trade fair visitors acknowledged the opportunity to meet NeVo® technical specialists. More then 180 attendees were listening to Dipl.Ing. Daniel Pospíšil’s presentation about the latest soldering trends during the DPS Industry Seminar.

The discussion about the solder features, benchmarking, selection guidelines, Q&A, etc. then continued after the seminar on face to face meetings. The visitors’ scorecard ackowledged NeVo® support with high ranking – 89 % were satisfied with the presentation, 71% recieved new information and 81% have got a new ideas for their work duties.

“We are pleased with the great feedback from the attendees. Our aim is to offer leading technical support, product knowledge and problem solving approach. More than 67% visitors of our seminar were industry engineers and 16% from universities per the seminar questionaire. Thus close to 90% satisfaction from the industry specialists is a result that we are proud of. Thank you to all participants and we are looking forward to see many of them next time again.” said Daniel Pospíšil, NeVo Technical Marketing Manager

Amper is the most respected and recognized trade fair of electronics and electrical engineering in Central Europe. DPS Seminar is a traditional co-event organised for Amper visitors by DPS trade magazine. It took place at the Brno Exhibition Trade Fair on March 15 to March 18th 2016.

NeVo®  presented its broad soldering product range portfolio together with its mother company AMTECH in a common booth stand.