Příspěvek „The Quality of BGA Solder Joint with Underfill“ je chráněn heslem The Quality of BGA Solder Joint with Underfill

The Quality of BGA Solder Joint with Underfill

Brno, March 28th, Quality of NeVo SAC305 BGA solder joint with underfilled was studied by Brno University of Technology graduate student A.Otáhal.

The research study, supported by NeVo, is investigating mechanical behavior (shear strength) of soldered BGA package with and without underfill on FR4 and Al2O3 carriers.BGA soldered on FR4 (ENIG) had higher value of shear strength than BGA soldered on alumina substrate with conductive thick film layer. Results was used for validation of virtual model and simulation in ANSYS Workbench. This simulation will be used for prediction of thermomechanical behavior of BGA packages soldered on alumina substrates and on organic substrates FR4.

The full paper is available at the link here.

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