NeVo Introduce New Low Viscosity Soldering Pastes

NeVo is pleased to announce release of its new low viscosity solder pastes SnAg3.0Cu0.5 PF606-P214 and ultra low viscosity PF606-P214L.

The offer of lead-free, halide-free most favourite soldering paste PF606-P30 has been extended by its lower viscosity alternatives P214 and P214L.

“ We react on customer feedback and needs for lower viscosity products, while maintaining excellent parameters of our standard P30 solder paste.“ said Daniel Pospisil, NeVo Technical Manager

The new solder paste PF606-P214 is featuring low viscosity of 170Pa.s and the PF606-P214L even lower viscosity of 100Pa.s, while the standard PF606-P30 paste viscosity is 200Pa.s. PF606-P214L paste is also recommended for dispensing.

The datasheets can be downloaded here: