New Joint Enhanced Solder Paste and Solder Joint Encapsulation Material Flux from NeVo

NeVo GmbH is pleased to introduce its new Joint Enhanced Solder Paste (JEP) PF606-EP305 and Solder Joint Encapsulation Material (SJEM) Flux SMEF-Z52. The new epoxy-based solder materials for very fine pad size (70 μm) soldering, especially for advanced display packaging and assembly.

The new SJEM Flux combines the abilities of conventional flux and underfill. The epoxy cures after reflow and provides excellent bonding strength and joint protection. Joint reliability performance is elevated as well. 

NeVo offers halogen-free JEP/SJEM materials. Halogen can generate hazardous gas at high temperatures and its use is restricted. NeVo halogen-free JEP/SJEM materials meet J-STD standard (≦1000ppm Chlorine/ ≦ 1000ppm Bromine) and IEC standard (≦900ppm Chlorine/ ≦ 900ppm Bromine/ ≦ 1500ppm Total halogens).

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