Special Laser Soldering Paste Now Available

NeVo, the manufacturer and distributor of solder products is pleased to announce introduction of the new special solder paste type dedicated for laser soldering. The new solder paste PF606-P133H has been developed by Shenmao Technology and it is now available also on European market through distribution by its partner NeVo.

The PF606-P133H solder paste has been specifically designed for a selective laser soldering of miniature solder joints (sub 1.5mm), especially on the high cost, temperature sensitive components and PCBs.

Such small solder joints could not be specially formed during the reflow process and it had to be soldered manually until now. The new solder paste PF606-P133H enables formation of these sensitive solder joints by an automatic laser soldering process and thus it improves its reliability, process speed, variability & repeatability and reduce the overall costs. Just few seconds are sufficient, after solder deposition, to create uniform solder joint with minimum flux residues and no harmful effects such as spattering or solder beads spreading.

PF606-P133H is already qualified by leading electronic manufacturers worldwide.

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