PF629-B Lead Free Solder Bar

PF629-B Lead Free Solder Bar

Product description

Alloy: Sn99/Ag0.3/Su0.7
Melting point: 217-226°C
Packaging: 1.0kg/pcs, 20kg/box

Solder bar for plating process or wave soldering process.

Low silver content, composed of high purity metals.

Solder Bar


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Alloy Composition Melting Point (°C) 
SnAgCu Series   
PF606-B Sn/Ag3.0/Cu0.5/X 217-219
PF629-B Sn/Ag0.3/Cu0.7 217-226
PF632-B Sn/Ag1.0/Cu0.5 217-226
SnCu Series   
PF604-B Sn/Cu0.7 227-228
PF643-B Sn/Cu0.7/Ni0.04 227-228
PF656-B Sn/Ag0.05/Cu0.7/X 227-228
PF660-B Sn/Cu0.2/Ni0.03/Ga0.002 227-228
PF665-B Sn/Cu0.7/Ni0.025/Ge0.01/Ag0.05 227-228
PF731-B Sn/Cu3.0/Ni0.2/X 227-340
PF732-B Sn/Cu5.0/Ni0.2/X 227-370
SnAg Series
PF616-B Sn/Ag4.0 221-225
Pure Sn Series
PF605-B Sn99.99 232
Lead Containing Series   
SH63-B Sn/Pb37 183
SH62-B Sn/Pb36/Ag2 179
SH-0595-B Sn/Pb95 308-312
SH-05X25-B Sn/Pb92.5/Ag2.5 280-284
SH-10882-B Sn/Pb88/Ag2 268-290
Low Temperature Series
PF602-B Sn/Bi58 139
PF653-B Sn/Bi57/Ag1.0 137-142
PF676-B Sn/Bi57.6/Ag0.4 137-142
PF735-B Sn/Bi57/Ag/X 137/142
SnSb Series
PF623-B Sn/Sb5.0 238-241
PF726-B Sn/Sb10 245-266

Solder Bar is made from high purity metal resulting in low drossing and is suitable for dip and wave soldering. The quality meets JIS-Z-3282.