H63S-B Solder Bar

H63S-B Solder Bar

Product description

Alloy: Sn63/Pb37
Melting point: 183°C
Package: 1.0kg/pcs, 20kg/box

High purity alloy that is composed of 63% Tin, and 37% Lead.
Reduces defects in the wave.
Exhibits less dross flows well and can reduce bridging during soldering.
Solder bar for plating process or wave soldering process.

Composed of virgin raw metals with low impurities.

Solder Bar


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Alloy Composition Melting Point (°C) 
SnAgCu Series   
PF606-B Sn/Ag3.0/Cu0.5/X 217-219
PF629-B Sn/Ag0.3/Cu0.7 217-226
PF632-B Sn/Ag1.0/Cu0.5 217-226
SnCu Series   
PF604-B Sn/Cu0.7 227-228
PF643-B Sn/Cu0.7/Ni0.04 227-228
PF656-B Sn/Ag0.05/Cu0.7/X 227-228
PF660-B Sn/Cu0.2/Ni0.03/Ga0.002 227-228
PF665-B Sn/Cu0.7/Ni0.025/Ge0.01/Ag0.05 227-228
PF731-B Sn/Cu3.0/Ni0.2/X 227-340
PF732-B Sn/Cu5.0/Ni0.2/X 227-370
SnAg Series
PF616-B Sn/Ag4.0 221-225
Pure Sn Series
PF605-B Sn99.99 232
Lead Containing Series   
SH63-B Sn/Pb37 183
SH62-B Sn/Pb36/Ag2 179
SH-0595-B Sn/Pb95 308-312
SH-05X25-B Sn/Pb92.5/Ag2.5 280-284
SH-10882-B Sn/Pb88/Ag2 268-290
Low Temperature Series
PF602-B Sn/Bi58 139
PF653-B Sn/Bi57/Ag1.0 137-142
PF676-B Sn/Bi57.6/Ag0.4 137-142
PF735-B Sn/Bi57/Ag/X 137/142
SnSb Series
PF623-B Sn/Sb5.0 238-241
PF726-B Sn/Sb10 245-266

Solder Bar is made from high purity metal resulting in low drossing and is suitable for dip and wave soldering. The quality meets JIS-Z-3282.