Tin Lead Solder Pastes made from high purity metal (Tin, Lead)


  • Low melting point conventional tin-lead solder pastes
  • No whisker risk
  • RoHS non-compliant solution
  • Sn63Pb37 with melting point 183°C
  • Sn62Ag2Pb36 with melting point 179~189°C
  • SnPb88Ag02 high melting point alloy (268°C-290°C)

Powder types:

  • Sn62Ag2Pb36
  • Sn63Pb37
  • Sn10Pb88Ag02

Flux types:

  • ROL1 low halide content flux
  • ROL0 halogen free flux

Powder sizes (standard):

  • Type 3 20-45µm
  • Type 4 20-38µm

see the product Datasheets & Technical Documents here